Can men wear Jubilee bracelets?

The Jubilee 22mm bracelet, famous for its elegant and sophisticated lines, gives it a “jewelry” appearance that will appeal to people looking for elegance. Suitable for everyday life and special occasions, Jubilee bracelets are certainly the most well-known watch straps. More and more people are wearing this iconic bracelet, like

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How to choose a watch strap?

When choosing a watch strap, it is essential to consider several factors. The strap plays a crucial role in the comfort and style of your watch. It can improve the aesthetics of your wrist and complement your outfit. Among the options available there are stainless steel bracelets,

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who wears a seiko? celebrities and stars

Who wears a Seiko watch?

Seiko, brand of stars and celebrities? First of all, it is important to put some context on the subject of Seiko & celebrities: Watch quality and reliability: The Seiko brand is synonymous with quality and reliability, two essential characteristics that celebrities and influential figures look for in a watch.

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