Are Rolex bracelets made of real gold?

Rolex gold watch straps are in fact solid 18 carat gold, not gold plated or gold plated steel. Rolex uses only very high quality precious metals (yellow, gray or eternal rose gold) to create various elements of its luxury watches.

The bracelet, like the case, is also engraved with the official designation on the precious metal (750 for 18-karat gold, 585 for 14-karat gold, etc.) to certify the purity of the alloy. Rolex therefore guarantees authenticity and the value of the precious materials used.

How much gold is in a pure gold Rolex?

By definition, a watch Rolex in 18k gold contains 75 % of pure gold, or 18 carats out of 24 carats. The rest of the alloy is mostly copper and silver, which gives it strength and color.

For reference, here is the average pure gold content of 18k gold in different Rolex models:

  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31: 65 grams
  • Rolex Submariner: 97 grams
  • Rolex Daytona: 89 grams
  • Rolex GMT-Master II: 128 grams
  • Rolex Day-Date: 158 grams

This quantity of gold partly explains the high price of these famous watches: gold is currently trading on the precious metals market at around €40 per gram.

Obviously, the gold weight of a Rolex depends on the size and model. But in any case, Rolex only uses solid gold classified in its bracelets and cases.

Which Rolex bracelet has the highest gold content?

The Gold Presidential watch bracelet made by Rolex contains the most gold of all Rolex bracelets. Designed exclusively for the legendary Rolex Day-Date watch, this prestigious bracelet is only available in 18-carat gold (yellow, white or Everose).

Thanks to its thick links and delicate design, the President bracelet can hold up to 158 grams of solid gold. It's much more than Oyster bracelet or Jubilee bracelet of the brand. A true symbol of luxury and success, the president bracelet represents the ultimate sophistication and material wealth of Rolex.

You can find all these Seiko Watch Straps on the Waaqt Arabic Dial website, these bracelets are compatible with almost all Seiko or other watches.

How do you know if a Rolex watch strap is authentic or fake?

Several elements make it possible to guarantee the authenticity of a Rolex bracelet:

  • The buckle is very precisely engraved with the Rolex logo
  • The metals have official titrations (Example: 750 for 18 carat gold)
  • The workmanship of the links is very good and does not look rough.
  • The connecting rod is firmly fixed and there is no gap
  • Impeccable manufacturing details (welds, joints)
  • The bracelet comes with a Rolex certificate and corresponding serial number
  • Weight and dimensions correspond to the model

If in doubt, it is best to have the watch inspected by a professional watchmaker or an official brand expert. Visit an authorized Rolex dealer or go directly to a Rolex boutique to have your bracelet authenticated.

The wearing of gold by men is prohibited in Islam.

Small warning for our Muslim customers:

Wearing gold jewelry is in fact prohibited for Muslim men. Wearing gold jewelry or accessories as men is prohibited according to the consensus of Muslim scholars. The ban on gold for men in Islam covers all visible gold items worn by men, including rings, necklaces, bracelets and therefore gold watch straps.

seiko arabic dial fond 42mm

As a result, Muslim men will favor Rolex watches with steel bracelets, or will choose brands offering specific bracelets without gold (leather, rubber, titanium bracelets, etc.), but they will also find that many Rolex watches and bracelets conform to Islamic rules.

The FMuslim women obviously have the right to wear gold jewelry.

What other bracelets does Rolex offer without gold?

In addition to the famous metal Oyster and Jubilee bracelets, other types of non-gold bracelets are also available in the Rolex collection. The Oysterflex bracelet in elastomer and metal, introduced in 2015, is available on certain models such as the Yacht-Master.

It combines rubber and nickel for durability and excellent flexibility. Rolex has also developed high-quality leather straps specifically for its Cellini watches.

Available in calfskin or crocodile leather for a more classic and dressy style. The brand also produces a Milanese link bracelet in stainless steel for its day-date models.

Thus, Rolex has succeeded in offering a superb alternative to gold bracelet, accessible to everyone, regardless of the client's religious beliefs. Whatever your convictions, you will find your happiness among the many bracelets offered by Rolex.

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  1. I think it depends a lot on the models. The “president” bracelet of the date is made of gold. Then there are a lot of steel bracelets too.

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