Can men wear Jubilee bracelets?

The Jubilee bracelet 22mm famous for its elegant and sophisticated lines giving it a “jewelry” appearance which will appeal to people in search of elegance.

Suitable for everyday life and special occasions, the Jubilee bracelets are certainly the most famous watch straps. More and more people are wearing this iconic bracelet, like celebrities and high-level athletes.


Why is the Jubilee bracelet called that?

The Jubilee bracelet, associated in particular with watches Rolex, takes its name from Jubilee, an annual celebration that commemorates a significant anniversary. This type of bracelet was introduced by Rolex in 1945 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the company's founding.

The Swiss watchmaker Rolex was created in 1905. To mark this event, Rolex decided to create for the occasion a bracelet which would embody elegance and refinement while recalling the exceptional character of the brand.

But is it Jubilee Bracelet, Jubilee or Jubilee?

Jubilee is simply the translation of Jubilee in French. Although "Jubilee" is the correct translation of "Jubilee" in English, it is true that the term "Jubilee" is used by analogy with the English pronunciation.

However, in the watchmaking context and in relation to Rolex watches, "Jubilee" is the official terminology and is more democratized. Although “Jubilee” can be understood and used, it is recommended to favor the term “Jubilee” for more precise vocabulary consistent with brand usage.

What is a Jubilee bracelet? Construction of the Jubilee bracelet

The Jubilee bracelet is a metal watch bracelet identifiable by its flexible intertwined links. It is generally made of gold or steel and has a structure comprising several rows of links of different sizes.

The construction of Jubilee is more complex than a standard bracelet. While a classic bracelet is made up of simple identical links, the Jubilee contains at least three rows of intertwined links:

rolex bracelet
  1. The middle row is made of wider, flatter links.
  2. The side rows have narrower, rounded links.
  3. Intermediate links are inserted between the lines, ensuring great flexibility.
  4. The alternating arrangement of links of different shapes and sizes gives the Jubilee bracelet a unique visual character while allowing it to perfectly fit the shape of the wrist.
  5. The links are connected by small rotating tubular rods, allowing the bracelet to move smoothly. They are usually gold or silver in color and have a logo on the bracelet.
  6. Modern Jubilee bracelets typically feature five rows of links instead of the original three found on vintage bracelets. Some models even have links with octagonal or square sections.

Benefits of the jubilee bracelet

The flexible, multi-link construction of the Jubilee adapts perfectly to the movement of your wrist for exceptional everyday comfort. Its weight is distributed throughout the bracelet, thus avoiding pressure points.

Additionally, the complex visual layout of the Jubilee makes it a very stylish bracelet. Despite its extreme flexibility, Jubilee's careful design gives it foolproof robustness thanks to the clever interlocking of its links.

This type of bracelet is appreciated for its durability and versatile appearance, pairing well with both formal and casual styles. In addition, its robust construction ensures long life expectancy, while remaining comfortable on the wrist.

Finally, the bracelets Jubilee vintage are sought after by collectors and their heritage value continues to grow.

What are the most worn Rolex watch straps?

Besides the famous Rolex Jubilee, other types of metal bracelets are also most commonly worn.

  • The Oyster bracelet features large three-row links, also a Rolex trademark. Most Rolex watches come with the Oyster, which is understated and sturdy.
  • The leather strap looks more classic. Robust but comfortable, it gives the wrist a sporty and elegant look. Longines, Tissot and Frédérique Constant all offer excellent models.
  • Finally, the President bracelet by Rolex is very stylish with its simple silhouette. It appears on “modern “vintage” watches like the Datejust.
bracelet jubilee bracelet oysterbracelet president

Can women wear Jubilee bracelets?

Traditionally reserved for men's watches, the Jubilee bracelet can now also be worn on the wrists of women. This type of bracelet, known for its elegance, adds a touch of refinement to women's watches, while maintaining its Rolex heritage and distinctive character.

Several factors contribute to this trend:

  • Modern watches have smaller cases that conform to the shape of the female body.
  • Metal bracelets can now be made from precious materials like gold or diamonds.
women's jubilee bracelet

More and more watch brands have recognized this and offer specific creations for women with Jubilee bracelets. At least Jubilee-inspired, such as:

  • The Datejust 31 mm or Lady-Datejust of Rolex.
  • Omega and its new Seamaster Aqua Terra for women.
  • TAG Heuer and its latest Carrera watch for women in a 32mm case.
  • Longines and its Présence watch have a jewelry look.

The delicate design of Jubilee bracelet accentuates the slenderness of the wrist, adding a touch of elegance to any women's watch. They perfectly combine the shine of steel or gold with the sensuality of the skin.

It is clearly the ideal choice for those looking for a attractive watch, luxurious and that stands out.

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