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The 3 Seiko Arabic Dial: blue, green and black
Pretty skewer, right ? 🍢

The genesis of Waaqt :

I am telling you here the story of Waaqt...

First of all, I come quickly : my name is Kaïs, passionate about watches since childhood & Arab culture lover. This thousand-year-old scientific civilization... 🇸🇦

In march 2022, what began as a personal quest has turned into a collective vocation. 🌍

As a watch enthusiast, I was desperately searching for a Seiko Arabic Dial for myself. Unfortunately, my research in France was in vain. 😕

I was sure that other people shared this feeling of lack.

It is this personal quest, this desire to possess a watch-exclusive – rare, that speaks to me by his side " arab ", who gave birth to Waaqt !

A Seiko Arabic Dial Green very well accompanied. 💚

Why "Waaqt - Arabic Dial" ?

There is a rich symbolic in the name we have adopted...

"Waaqt" is the Arabic word for "time". It is precisely this that our watches represent : the time & arabism, in all its beauty and essence, materialized by a watch. ⌚

As a Frenchman, why should we be deprived of these horological treasures ? 💎

Waaqt is born out of this desire : to make the Seiko Arabic Dial accessible to all watch lovers in France. 🇫🇷

A back view of a male on sandy dessert
"Alliance between the cultural richness of Arabic & Japanese watches." 🎌

Beyond watches : the Excellence of the products Seiko & service Waaqt.

Be a client Waaqt offers much more than a watch arab...

In Waaqt, it is not only marketing watches ; we promise an experience. ⭐

Each Seiko Arabic Dial that we ship is an affirmation of our commitment to quality :
– of the authenticity of each piece a super quick delivery, in passing through a customer service reagent composed of expert watchmakers. 👨💼

Our goal is to exceed your expectations to provide you a service worthy of the greatest luxury brands. ✅

Seiko arabic dial 34mm Arabic numerals
Accompanied by the beautiful logo Seiko 5.

Authentic & Ethical.

Because there are things more important than anything else...

In addition to sales, Waaqt is committed to operating with a unwavering honesty and rigorous sales ethics. ✅

In Waaqt, we guarantee that each watch purchased is an authentic work of Seikowithout the slightest forgery 👍

Business ethics in accordance with our principles & the laws in force.

Our commitment to these values is why you trust us. 🤝

Seiko Arabic Dial genuine blue
Only Blue version of the Seiko Arabic Dial. 🔵

We thank you.

Finally, thank you. 
Thank you for choosing Waaqt, you have taken the time to discover our history and to share our passion for watches with Arabic Dial. 💘
By browsing our website, you are doing more than simply visit an online store. You become an integral part of our journey, our mission. 🌌
We would like to thank you sincerely for your interest and your trust. In Waaqt, every second counts, and we are honored that you have chosen to share this time with us. ⏳
Your trust and interest honor us, and we look forward to serving you. 🫀
Seiko arabic dial 34mm watch
The most cute Seiko Arabic Dial : the SNK063J5

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