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Discover the watches Seiko with Arabic numerals for men, women & unisex. All Seiko Arabic are available at Waaqt Arabic Dial! Find all our models: 42mm, 34mm, Black, White & Green ❤️

What are watches with Arabic numerals? ⌚

Are you a watch enthusiast who has recently heard about these Seiko Arabic Dial Made in Japan timepieces? This short guide will give you all the information you need.

Our Seiko Arabic Dial are increasingly popular, often out of stock. Resulting from a fusion between Japanese watchmaking know-how and Arab culture. The brand wanted to pay homage, through these models, to this region of the world.

Each watch Seiko Arabic Dial is highlighted by the unique colours, a quality automatic movement and meticulous details. A wide choice of timepieces with Arabic numerals awaits you: Blue, Green, White and Gold, Black, 42mm, 34mm..

These watches are made by the famous Japanese watch brand, the latter have the particularity of having dials displaying the hours with Arabic numerals. Unlike conventional dials, which use Roman numerals or indexes. These watches opt for traditional numbers indo-arab to indicate the hours. This feature makes them attractive to those who appreciate design. Arabic Dial. 🇸🇦

Seiko, being a popular brand & renowned for its quality and innovation. His watches aren't just fun. They are also of a high accuracy and sustainability. In fact, this is generally the case with all their Made in Japan timepieces. 🗾

How to choose your Seiko 5 Arabic Dial? 🤔

Choose the perfect Seiko Arabic Dial is a blend of aesthetic taste and functionality, all tailored to your needs and desires. The Seiko Arabic Dial range embraces a vast palette of designs and dial sizes: SNK063J5 Black 34mm, SNKP21J1 Black 42mm, Seiko Arabic Dial Green SRPH49K1, Blue SRPPH50K1, White SNKP22J1…

The diameters of the Seiko Arabic Dial are between 3 sizes :

34mm : Only one watch of this diameter exists, it is the SNK063J. With its very sober, minimalist black dial. It is suitable for women's wrists as well as men's wrists, preferring this kind of diameter, a lighter shape. ⌚

40mm : This is the diameter of the new Arabic Dial, watches that have a serial number that begins with SRPH often have this dial size. This is particularly the case for, perhaps, the most popular of all... The Green. 40mm is a versatile size that fits many people. Making it suitable for a variety of occasions, from everyday wear to special occasions. The Seiko Arabic Dial Blue SRPH50 is also forty millimeters in diameter. 💙

42mm : A 42mm watch is considered medium to large, with the crown providing a more robust presence on the wrist. This is the case for the 2 models with this diameter. 2 dial colors Black & White are available at this size. Be careful when purchasing, the serial number is very similar: SNKP 21J1 for the black dial and 22J1 for the white and gold model. Only one number differs. Caution. 🥇

The “date” functionality includes several watch complications: the date in days is in 2 languages and is displayed on ALL of these watches. The day may be displayed in a color other than black, when it comes to important days of the week: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 📅

Beyond design, think functionality. All Seiko Arabic Dial watches offer precision watch movements, a stainless steel bracelet (stainless steel) which allow increased water resistance up to 5 ATM, a power reserve of more than 40 hours, automatic or manual winding and a display of the date in Arabic / English (days). 🇬🇧

The price of "Watches" can also be an important purchasing factor for many. Here too, there's something for every budget. From a few hundred euros to several thousand.

In short, choosing your Seiko Arabic Dial is a personal choice, combining your individual style with Seiko's watchmaking tradition.

How to maintain your Seiko Arabic? 🧼

Each Seiko Arabic Dial is a clockwork jewel that deserves attentive care. To preserve the beauty and precision of your Arabic watchit needs to be maintained.

To do this, regularly clean the case Seiko and the stainless steel bracelet of your watch with a soft cloth to avoid the accumulation of dirt which could affect its appearance or comfort. A simple cleaning has, on many occasions, an immediate effect on the shine of your caliber. ✅

In regards to the automatic movement, even though Seiko watches are renowned for their robust caliber, it is advisable to have them serviced every three years by a specialist watchmaker. This will ensure optimal operation and prolong the duration of life of the watch.

We recommend that you wear your watch for normal, everyday use. Whether for a casual day at the office, a special evening, or an outing relaxed. They will always bring a touch of originality, while maintaining a sober and refined aesthetic. ✨

On the other hand, we don't recommend wearing them during extreme physical activity. Shocks and perspiration can potentially damage your watch. It is therefore advisable to remove it before engaging in demanding physical activities. If you are involved in manual labor, it is certainly wiser to remove it. The risk of bumps to the case, scratches to the Hardlex sapphire crystal and damage to the stainless steel bracelet is higher in these environments. 🧗‍♂️

Rest assured, Seiko Watches Automatic is renowned for its durability, reliability and robustness in the world of time measurement. They were the first to market quartz calibres on a large scale. Among others.

The Seiko Arabic Dial maintenance and servicing tips are generally applicable to all watch calibers, from the SNK063J5 to the Seiko Arabic Dial Green, as they primarily concern the care and maintenance of the watch as an object .

By following these simple tips, your Seiko Arabic Dial will give you many years of loyal service while retaining its quality mechanics. 😃

Our mission ? Bringing you the Arab Watch of your dreams. 🕵️‍♂️

At Waaqt, your online watch and jewelry store, keep up to date with all the latest additions to this trendy collection, increasingly popular. All models are meticulously listed on the site. We are delighted to inform you that these Automatic models are now available for sale in Europe (yes, yes)! 🌍

We are constantly searching for the latest special editions of this collection to satisfy the most demanding enthusiasts. Our team specializes in finding the rarest and most exclusive pieces for enthusiasts and collectors. We understand your desire to own unique and sought-after pieces.

In short, you are a passionate amateur or an informed collector on the lookout for all the exclusives, our site is designed to meet your needs and your passion for beautiful calibers

Please note that the current prices offer excellent value for money. Particularly given the quality of the materials used (stainless steel), the precision of the automatic caliber, the careful design and the expertise of the watches Made in Japan. 🗾

Each product we offer is carefully evaluated according to its quality, its characteristics, its features. horological complicationsand market demand. We strive to ensure that the price reflects the intrinsic value of each piece, while remaining affordable for our customers. ❤️

Arabic Numeral Watches: Seiko Quality and Authenticity Guaranteed ⌚

Each watch Seiko Arabic Dial purchased on the website is authentic and is accompanied by all his papers of authenticity These include the instruction booklet and the Seiko international warranty card. What's more, there are no counterfeit Seiko Arabic Dial models, thanks to their low retail price in relation to manufacturing costs. The value for money is very competitive. A counterfeit with luminescent hands, crystal glass and ESPECIALLY an automatic movement would not be profitable enough. 💸

Only the leading brands of horology can afford to market automatic watches at these prices. When you explore our selection of Seiko Arabic Dial, you'll find options to suit different budgets, allowing you to find the perfect watch to suit your preferences and means. We're happy to make these watches elegant and refined accessible to a wide audience. Whatever your budget, we have a style for you ! 😁

However, it is important to note some information. There are more and more modifications or mods on the market. Mods are original models that have been customized or modified by watchmakers or enthusiasts to meet specific design or functionality preferences. These modifications may include dials, bezels, hands, steel – leather bracelets and other personalized elements. This was particularly seen recently with custom products resembling models from the Swiss brand, Rolex. So be careful when adding an item to the cart. More specifically the iconic edition Datejust chronometer watch. 🇨🇭

Delivery anywhere in the world of your Arabic Dial watch within 72 hours! 🌍

We're proud to announce that our commitment to your loyalty means free delivery anywhere in the world. This means that wherever you are in the world (France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, EUR), you can take advantage of the free shipping when you order a Seiko Arabic Dial on our site. 📦

Arab Watches, an exclusive from the Gulf countries now available in France with Waaqt! 🇫🇷

Our Seiko Arabic Dial, as their name suggests, have Arabic numerals on the dial, which is a peculiarity in aesthetic and cultural appreciated all over the world.

Initially, these watches may have been designed to meet the demand the market in the Middle East, where Arabic numerals have a cultural meaning is deep. However, Seiko, as a watch brand international, has a global reach.

Finally with Waaqt Arabic Dialthe web site specialized Arabic Dial number 1 in France, you can you pick your watch Seiko Arabic Dial, delivered to you in under 72 hours ! 🇫🇷

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