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Discover the Seiko 5 Arabic Dial Green (SRPH49K1) : the watch of the moment

The Seiko 5 Arabic Dial Green (SRPH49K1) is a luxury watch recognized for its original design and its quality manufacturing Seiko. This watch is the dial, Arabic is equipped with a high-precision movement and a stainless steel case 40 mm.

The popularity of this model :

First of all, the Seiko 5 Arabic Dial Green (SRPH49K1), as its name suggests, is part of the “Seiko 5” range. ". Certainly one of the ranges of the most important in the history of the japanese brand. It helps to the level of notoriety.

Beyond that, its great difficulty of access makes it rare and prized. In fact, impossible to get a Seiko 5 Arabic Dial whatever it may be in dealer Seiko in Europe. Reserved to the market in the Middle East, these are also available on-site, or via the internet.

Also, it is even more difficult to obtain than her sisters the black dial (SNK063J5 & SNKP21J1). Since almost constantly out of stock at all resellers. Victims of their success, we have detailed Why have Seiko Arabic Dial watches become so popular? Discover the different reasons for the craze around these watches.

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Seiko Arabic Dial green green

Fabulous alliance between robustness and originality :

40 mm with a delicate strength. Crowned by a glass crystal Hardlex scratch resistant that protects the dial. The latter is equipped with numerals and index golden contrasting perfectly fir green this Seiko Arabic Dial. Its luminescent hands, white & gold, gives it a look refined and elegant. The stainless steel bracelet high quality of the Seiko Arabic Dial comfortable to wearwe have not felt any discomfort.

The Seiko Arabic Dial in France :

The Seiko Arabic Dial has been able to impose itself as the shows the Arabic numbers by excellence. If we consider the price-quality ratio, the originality, the details & finishes, it is certainly the the best watch you can purchase. Very popular in France, as worn by many celebrities French caters to all audiences. This watch is / was the access door to the watchmaking industry, for many of us.

In summary, the Seiko Arabic Dial is a luxury watch of choice for those who are looking for an original design and high quality performance. With its automatic movement is accurate and dial Arabic sophisticated, it is a valuable addition to any collection of luxury watches... if the stock !

If the article you like, find the Seiko Arabic Dial Green available to purchase :

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Seiko arabic dial Green luminescent indexes

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