3 seiko arabic dial

What Seiko Arabic Dial to choose ? (Complete Guide)

This article is a guide for people who want to obtain a Seiko watch with an Arabic dial but who don't yet know exactly which one to choose.

All Seiko Arabic are different from each othereach of them has a particular characteristic. They have a certain charm that will speak to you, your personality, or not.

We will here try to discover together what is your shows " heart ". Attention it is not said that all the watches are not to become all your favorites at once.

We are going to present to you the best features to look for and factors to consider for your future timepieces. Of course, the watch is the only jewelry manit must, therefore, choose it with the greatest attention.

3 seiko arabic dial

3 simple selection criteria for an Arabic Dial:

The size of the Seiko Arabic Dial :

It is clear that the size of the dial is a factor that is very important for any purchase of shows. For this, the most important to take into account is the size of his wrist. In fact, it is more harmonious to choose a dial small medium if you have a small wrist. Once again, it is important to know what a small wrist and a small dial to this picture to give you an idea :

seiko arabic dial size guide

Despite all of this criterion of choice, as its name indicates, remains subjective. It is absolutely not offensive to wear a watch with a dial of the 34mm with a wrist greater than 17cm. Some prefer a smaller dial despite a ' large wrist " and vice versa.

In regards to the different sizes of watches Seiko Arabic Dial, it is interesting to mention the specific model of the Seiko 5 Arabic Dial SNK063J5, which has a diameter of 34 mm. This feature makes it a unisex watch, perfectly suited to the wrists of both female and male.

With a diameter of 34 mm, the Seiko 5 Arabic Dial SNK063J5 offers a size that allows the watch to adapt seamlessly to different wrists. His well-balanced design and its proportions well-studied make it an ideal option for women and men in search ofa watch is both elegant and comfortable.

seiko arabic dial 34mm on wrist

Thanks to its more compact size, the Seiko 5 Arabic Dial SNK063J5 is perfect for wrists more purposes and can bring a touch of sophistication discreet to an outfit female. Similarly, men looking for a watch more discrete or a minimalist style can also appreciate the size the more contained of this model.

The versatility of the size of the watches Seiko Arabic Dial, in particular, with the model Seiko 5 Arabic Dial SNK063J5 of 34 mm allows to watch lovers of the cswitch an option that suits their personal styleregardless of their gender. It is a concrete example of the way in which Seiko offers timepieces that can easily adapt to a variety of wristsoffering a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for all.

In terms of Seiko Arabic Dial :

  • Seiko 5 Arabic Dial SNK063J5 : 34mm
  • Seiko 5 Arabic Dial Blue SRPH50K1 : 40mm
  • Seiko 5 Arabic Dial Green SRPH49K1 : 40mm
  • Seiko 5 Arabic Dial Grey SRPH47K1 : 40mm
  • Seiko 5 Arabic Dial SNKP21J1 : 42mm
  • Seiko 5 Arabic Dial SNKP22J1 : 42mm
  • Seiko 5 SNXS79 : 37mm

Obviously you're not going to choose your shows only the size of the dial. Go to the following criterion.

The style of the Seiko Arabic Dial :

The design is one of the criteria of the most important choices if this is not the most important. It is the spirit of the shows, what it smells like, what the builder wanted to tell through this beautiful mechanical. This is the visual but not only that, it is even more profound.

«Tell me what watch you wear, I will tell you who you are.»

The Seiko Arabic have a plethora of details & specifications :

  • The bottom of the dial transparent leaving the heart of the watch
  • Clasp offset to 16h
  • Viewing days in Arabic or in English
  • Index & luminescent hands in the dark
  • Crystal glass
  • Automatic movement reliable and robust

It would be to even ask how a concentrate of technology in a simple a watch is possible !

 Seiko Arabic

This is a totally subjective well, fortunately the range of Seiko 5 is provided.
There is something for every taste : The blue, the green, the small, the medium, the grand, the gold, the silver.
You are the master and it is up to you to come back to the choices that decide & do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

We will not cease to repeat that the watch is the only jewelry man made the most suitable choice : the choice of your heart. Some will a watch for its timeless look while for others they reserve their timepiece for dress neat & important occasions. Wear to what you want.

The price of a Seiko Arabic Dial:

Money is the sinews of war, they say, isn't it ? Good news : watches Seiko Arabic Dial are available at different prices between €250 and €1500. In fact there is a wide range of prices as there is a wide range of models and features.

The prices vary mainly depending on the sophistication and availability of watches. Some models have complexities watch a little different from the other watches in the range.

Seiko Arabic Dial 42mm range

One thinks in particular of the Seiko 5 Arabic Dial Green SRPH49K1 compared to the Seiko 5 Arabic Dial SNK063J5. These two watches do not have the same positioning & are not directed to the same target.

The second factor that affects the price of the watches is availability thereof. Is it easy to access ? How much is it available for sale ? The range is still produced ? In which country is the most accessible ?

No chance, for the Seiko 5 Arabic Dial all the answers to the questions about the availability will lead all to the negative.

In fact, the Seiko 5 Arabic has never been easy to access, Seiko has provided the shops in the Middle East that the dropper. In addition, at the level of the available amount, the sellers don't have no long-term vision : we are rely on Seiko and its quantities provided.

Finally, the Seiko Arabic Dial are no longer produced for the most part, which means that the parts available on the markets are the latest what continually goes increase the value of these watches.

seiko arabic dial factory

In other words, if we see the glass half full, it is likely that a investment in a watch, the Seiko Arabic Dial today will never result in a financial loss on resale. Simply because that these watches have tend to retain their value over time. Or increase in value some models are rare or limited edition.

To avoid a drop in the value of your timepiece, it must remain in excellent condition. This is why we have developed a short guide. How to take good care of his Seiko Arabic Dial ? Everything you need to know about caring for your jewelry is condensed in this article, you're welcome.

So this is not really a simple expense hedonistic. But If you want to invest in your first watch, the Seiko Arabic are made for you.

You have learned things about the Seiko Arabic Dial ? Receive information that you will find nowhere else !

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At the same time, the Seiko Arabic Dial are displayed for our rates are very reasonable.
Few models can claim to be : automatic, rare, exclusive to a specific region, sophisticated, robust,... all for less than 300€.

It is also important to take into account the cost of repairs and the maintenance of the watch long term. Watches Seiko are reliable and durablebut they require all the same an interview after 3 to 5 years to function optimally. But hey, you still have a little time.

What you should remember before selecting a Seiko Arabic Dial :

As you may have noticed, the Seiko Arabic Dial are all different each other. One of the the most notable benefits watches Seiko Arabic Dial is their diversity. Although all watches this range share the same distinctive design element – Arabic numerals – they also exhibit a great variety of styles, colors, sizes, and features.

The choice of a watch, the Seiko Arabic will depend on your personal preferences on style, function, size and budget. This means that whatever your personal style or your needs when it comes to watches, there are probably a watch Seiko Arabic Dial which will fit perfectly to your preferences.

Please be aware that if you are looking for a watch for a daily use or embellish your outfits the most stylish, these watches offer you a wide range of choice to suit all your needs. Keeping these things in mind, you are sure to find the watch that perfectly suited to your lifestyle and your taste.

Finally, if you need help or expert advice, please do not hesitate to contact us, you will be pointed with great pleasure. In the meantime, we let you take a look at the different Seiko Arabic Dial available :

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