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How to take good care of his Seiko Arabic Dial ?

Well, first of all watches Seiko are known for their robustness and quality of manufacturing. This fame is due to expertise brand Seiko and its range "Seiko 5 "that have already proven successful in previous years.

However, as for all quality watchesthey require a regular maintenance to ensure accuracy and excellent condition over the years.

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As for Mercedes-Benz, your Seiko Arabic Dial requires a regular maintenance to ensure that the engine always works with precision, its exterior is brilliant and that, as such, its value is preserved over the years.
Just as you would bring your luxury car with a professional mechanic for reviews on a regular basis, it is important to call a qualified watchmaker for the maintenance of your watch Seiko.

Your watch Seiko Arabic Dial East a jewel of precision that deserves a regular maintenance because you have in your hands an object of great value both aesthetic and functional !

Yes yes a jewel, we explain why in a few points. 3 bonnes raisons de posséder une montre Seiko Arabic Dial, because yes, having a Seiko brings you various advantages, both economical and aesthetic.

In this article, we will examine some good practices for maintaining your watch Seiko, and the maintain in perfect condition. Whether you're a passionate collector or a simple user, these tips will help you extend the life your watch and keep it in optimal condition.

The basics : the cleaning of his Seiko Arabic

Regular cleaning of your watch will allow first to keep a beautiful appearance. It will retain its gloss, its glow and will also avoid that dirt & dust will interfere in the shows.
For this, a shot of microfibre cloth or for eyeglasses own will be good enough. It is important not to use products abrasives or solvents that could, in the long term, damage to the dial and bracelet.

On the other hand if your watch is really dirty, you can clean it with a little soap and water and dry it with a soft cloth. This will help to remove stubborn dirt or stains that do not leave the sec. of The watch is in stainless steel but we do not recommend despite all contact with water and dust.
The watch is water resistant to 10 ATM let us remember, the water will not cause damage to the mechanism, but might, by force, to make the shows less bright at the end of several years.

Also, sweating or physical activity with her Seiko Arabic Dial is not prohibited, however it is important to clean after each use. Bracelets that support the less well-perspiration, as well as the big heat in general are the leather bracelets. For the summer, opt for the steel bracelets, NATO, etc

By following these really simple tips but important, you will be able to extend easily the duration of life your watch Seiko, to be able then to pass on to your children & grandchildren !

Take care of your watch : avoid shocks & scratches

We remind you : the Seiko are sturdy & are known for their high quality of workmanship. But the shock can damage the components the internal of the shows, such as the balance wheel and the wheel, anchor, who are responsible for the accuracy of the watch.
Therefore, it is necessary to prevent shocks as much as possible by taking the maximum care, by avoiding the wearing during intense physical activities or sports at high risk. Always in a purpose of optimal preservation of his shows.

In addition, it is recommended to remove his watch before you make any manual work or any other work that could cause shocks or scratches on the watch. The fact that watch cogne on the table should be, up to a maximum, which is avoided.
Also, the vibrations are harmful for your watch. At the base vibration is a crucial element in the operation of mechanical watches. In fact, the precision of the time displayed depends on the regularity of the vibrations of the oscillator, which can be disturbed by the shocks and the outside vibrations.

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid activities that may cause excessive vibration, such as the motorcycle, the mowing the lawn or diy. If your watch is exposed to vibrations regular, it is important to have it reviewed more regularly to ensure its proper functioning. We'll get to it right after.

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In addition, if your watch is subject to a large accidental shock, it is advisable to be examined and repaired by a qualified watchmaker to prevent this from getting worse.

Watch revisions after the 1eras years of the watch

Do revise your watch regularly is essential to preserve its precision and its longevity. Despite the quality and reliability of the brand Seiko, your watch may be subject to interference with the time.

A revision will check and set the different elements of the watch, such as the crown, the gears, the crown, the hands, the dial, the movement and the case.
The professional watchmakers will be able to diagnose any "problems" and to correct them before they escalate and do not impair the longevity of the watch.

In addition, a full review will clean the watch in-depththis will protect it from the accumulation of dirt and corrosion that can damage the delicate parts of the watch. Dust and dirt are the enemy of your shows, they can pile up without you even knowing it.

It is recommended to do revise your watch every three to five yearsdepending on the use you make of it and the conditions in which the watch is worn. This is a crucial step to ensure durability and precision.

This operation consists of a thorough check by a pro-of all the pieces of your watch to detect any defects or wear and tear. Prevention is better than cure.

The pace of the revision of your watch depends on its use and the environment in which it is worn.

If you wear your watch all days or extreme conditionsas in sports to risks (skiing, scuba diving, combat sports, dirty, etc.) it is recommended to revise every three years.

If you wear occasionally or conditions less extreme, a review every five years is sufficient.

Care of your watch Seiko Arabic Dial is essential for maintain its accuracy and longevity. By following these few simple tips, you can easily take care your watch and to keep it in perfect condition for many years.

Do revise your watch regularly is also crucial to ensure its correct operation and to prolong its life. Don't forget that your watch Seiko Arabic Dial is an investment that deserves to be neat and pampered for the benefit of your child !

Finally, store your in an safe place, closed to avoid that humidity and the dust accompany your watch. Avoid areas of extreme conditions generally : not too wet, not too hotnot too cold, not full sun. In a box or storage for watches. The middle of the road.

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