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How to recognize a real Seiko for sure? (Authenticity Guide)

DISCLAIMER: Waaqt Arabic Dial reminds you that all Seiko 5 Arabic Dial watches offered for sale on the site are authentic with serial number, accompanied by all their authenticity papers: Seiko instruction booklet and Seiko international warranty card.

All Seikos with Arabic numerals are listed on the site. The watches remain present, even when out of stock, in order to provide consumers with a reliable online catalog.

Various genuine seiko arabic dial

The world of Seiko watches has captivated watch enthusiasts around the world for decades. A symbol of Japanese know-how and watchmaking innovations, each Seiko watch embodies the heritage and excellence of a watch manufacturer that has built its reputation on precision, quality and authenticity.

In order to find out even more & because an image is worth 1000 words, we have prepared a video for you to better understand what the Seiko Arabic Dial & how to distinguish them from fake Seiko / Seiko Mod. We explain to you in particular the differences to take into account, the advantages of owning a real Seiko instead of a Fake Seiko. You will also find a presentation of the different Seiko Arabic models !

However, today the market is seeing different fake Seiko imitations, counterfeiting and mods. He's sometimes difficult to disentangle fact from fiction. All this leads us to ask ourselves a few questions: how can we confidently distinguish an authentic Seiko watch from a replica? What are the distinctive signs and specific characteristics to look for to guarantee the authenticity of a Seiko timepiece?

Whether you are a knowledgeable collector, a watch enthusiast, or a novice looking to invest in a watch Authentic Seiko, this guide aims to be your companion in the search for your official Seiko watch.

Our authentic Seiko watches feature distinctive features and specific details that speak to the authenticity and quality of each piece. Carefully examining these characteristics allows you to accurately discern a watch Original Seiko from a counterfeit.

Authentic Seiko watches are renowned for their quality manufacturing and use of high quality materials. One of the first indicators of authenticity is the materials used to construct each component of the watch, from the cases to the straps.

  • Stainless steel and metals: Authentic Seiko watches generally use high-quality stainless steel for their cases. Premium stainless steel is smooth, scratch resistant and offers a flawless polished or brushed finish. More high-end models can use other precious metals such as titanium, all characterized by an impeccable finish and precise engraving of the Seiko brands (serial number, caliber, etc.).

  • Crystal glass: Authentic Seiko watches usually incorporate mineral glass or Hardlex glass to protect the dial. Hardlex is a technology developed by Seiko and is particularly used in high-end models, offering superior scratch resistance.
seiko hardlex glass
  • Quality bracelets: Our Seiko watch straps Authentic ones are made from high quality leather, durable rubber or stainless steel to match the case. The stitching, textures and finishes are carefully executed. You can also find bracelets suitable for Seiko on the site, these are not produced directly by the Japanese manufacturer. Like almost all new bracelets you will find..

  • Brightness and coatings: Seiko is known for its high-quality luminescent coatings, such as LumiBrite, providing optimal visibility in the dark. Again, this is technology developed by Seiko. Counterfeits can often have lower brightness or lower quality coatings.

  • Weight and internal finishes: Authentic Seiko watches have a balanced weight and a “solid” feel. Internal finishes, visible through the transparent case back on some models, often show careful detail, such as quality engraving on the internal components and case. The oscillating weight of the automatic movement is also visible through the caseback.

Please note: Seiko automatic movements are available for purchase separately. In short, just because a watch works with a Seiko 7S26 movement does not mean that it is necessarily authentic.

To know if a Seiko is real, simply look at the back of the case to discover 3 elements: the Seiko serial number, the movement caliber (7S26, 4R36) and the box number. The internal movements of authentic Seiko watches are often marked with specific information. As well as the engravings on the internal components are made with precision and clarity, allowing precise identification of the watch.

Some Seiko automatic movements have unique features. For example, Kinetic movements may feature a power reserve display, indicating the level of energy stored. Spring Drive movements are distinguished by their smooth, continuous second hand, without the distinctive ticking of traditional mechanical watches.

Finally, all components of the watch must be very well drawn, without excesses. The dial of an authentic Seiko watch is usually well finished, with precisely shaped indexes and hands. Markings, numbers, symbols and counters must be clear, well printed and correctly aligned. Any irregularities, stains or shifts may indicate counterfeiting.

The finishing of the case, crowns, push buttons and bracelets is also essential. The edges must be smooth and well finished, without burrs or irregularities. Components such as crowns and push buttons should fit well, with clear and precise Seiko markings or logos.

Because it can happen to anyone, here is a checklist to check before purchasing a luxury watch.

Be wary of overly attractive offers: Our Seiko counterfeits are sometimes sold at prices significantly lower than the usual prices for authentic Seiko watches. Be careful with offers that are too tempting, as they could indicate a counterfeit watch. 90€ for a watch with luminescent hands, a crystal glass and ESPECIALLY an automatic movement is not possible.

Trusted and secure websites: The sites you buy from must be secure and must encrypt your data. This is also the case for Waaqt Arabic Dial which does not collect any of your data, everything is encrypted by the web providers. If before entering a site you receive a message “Your connection is not secure”, do not continue browsing.

Warranty certificates and authentication: When purchasing, make sure you receive warranty certificates (12 months) and authentication documents from Seiko. These official documents attest to the origin and authenticity of the watch you are purchasing.

Watchmaking references: Many YouTube channels specializing in horological watches offer detailed reviews, comparisons and tips for distinguishing genuine watches from fakes. Before buying your Seiko Arabic Dial you can go to YouTube and watch the video from @Billy BN:

We will see some concrete examples of counterfeiting cases. This part is not intended to be exhaustive but to illustrate the examples given previously.

  • The asymmetry of the watch elements. The bezel is not perfectly aligned with the "12 o'clock" index on this Seiko.
  • The standard font is not respected in the logo. In this case, the logo is very thin in a font that is not used by Seiko.
  • Unknown models or sold by only one retailer. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, all Seiko Arabic Dials are available on the Waaqt website. There is no such thing as a pink, purple, light blue Seiko Arabic…
  1. Seiko logo: Counterfeits often have inconsistencies in the Seiko logo, such as incorrect fonts, colors, or positions. Conversely, authentic Seiko watches have a detailed logo, while copies may have a simplified or incorrect logo.
  2. Quality of materials: The authenticity of Seiko watches is linked to the use of high-quality materials that guarantee durability and a superior feel. Counterfeits may feature lower quality materials, compromising their strength and the weight of the watch.
  3. Case back: To identify a genuine Seiko, look for a transparent case back (on some models) or detailed engravings. These features may be missing or inaccurately reproduced on counterfeits.
  4. Serial and model numbers: Authentic Seiko watches have uniquely engraved serial and model numbers. If you purchased your watch from Seiko, this greatly reinforces the certainty of its authenticity. Otherwise, choose the reseller from whom you made your purchase for better support.

If any doubts persist, Waaqt remains at your disposal to assist you in the authentication of your Seiko watch.

Our customer service is accessible by email: 7 days a week. You are guaranteed to receive a response within 24 hours. Do not hesitate to call on our services to guide you in this important process.

If you are looking for an original and totally authentic Seiko, these Seiko Arabic Dial will certainly meet your expectations:

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