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Seiko Arabic Dial watches for women: this year's trend?

Watches with an Arabic dial attract a large segment of the population and it turns out that today we are receiving requests from women more and more often. These clients ask us if a Seiko 5 Arabic Dial would be suitable for her, if so which one?

These watches have gained popularity among women looking for accessories that stand out.

Although all Seiko Arabics are primarily intended for men, it is wise to ask, are Seiko Arabic Dials intended ONLY for men?

In this article, we will explore the background of the emergence of this trend, popular models and provide tips for choosing and wearing a Seiko Arabic Dial watch.

It’s interesting to note a shift in watch trends and preferences. Traditionally, watches with Arabic dials were often associated with masculine models. At least no watch with Arabic numerals was intended for women: masculine colors & design, dial diameter not taking into account women's smaller wrists.

However, we are witnessing a significant evolution where women have expressed increasing interest in Seiko Arabic Dial watches, also wanting to add an oriental touch to their style. To stand out from the classic models worn by a large number of people.

seiko femme portée

Consumers are also increasingly sensitive to quality products, especially after all the scandals linked to fast fashion.

This trend results in increased demand for watches made from quality materials. Goodbye to Chinese-made watches whose operating life is limited to just a few months before they stop working. With customers increasingly committed to ethical practices such as “Consume less – Consume better”, it is undeniable that a automatic watch from the Seiko brand has a longer lifespan over time. In addition to being more elegant, of course.

Women today are increasingly attracted to unique and original pieces that allow them to reflect their individuality. And the Seiko Arabic offer an alternativee interesting to classic models for women.

The distinctive design of the Arabic dial highlights several specific features that set it apart from conventional watch designs. It is in particular these characteristics that interest women, let's expand on this:

First of all, as its name suggests, the Arabic dial is distinguished by the use of Indo-Arabic numerals to mark the hours, thus offering a visually unique and original watch. Unlike dials with indexes or Roman numerals, Arabic numerals stand out for their shape and style, bringing a touch of elegance & originality you will agree.

Seiko arabic dial Arabic numerals watch

In addition to this, the arrangement of the Arabic numerals on the dial is often designed to ensure optimal readability, making it easier to read the time at a glance. These famous Arabic numerals (or Arabic Dial in English) can be designed in different sizes, colors and fonts, adding diversity and character to the watch.

Furthermore, the Arabic dial is often associated with Seiko LumiBrite luminescent hands for better visibility in the dark. This well-thought-out combination of Arabic numerals and hands creates a harmonious aesthetic, perfectly suited to women looking for a watch that is both elegant and functional.

Why choose when you can have it both ways, right?

Historically, the watch industry has often been male-centric. The most significant innovations were first introduced in men's watches before gradually spreading to all available models. This has resulted in women's watch options being sidelined, relegating them to a small number of options in terms of timepieces available on the market.

This situation has resulted in a neglect of women in the world of watchmaking, with offers often limited in terms of styles, functions and designs adapted to their needs and tastes.

For decades, the Women's watches have often been reduced to simple accessories fashion rather than functional and sophisticated timepieces. Choices were often limited, with a predominance of watches that were smaller, adorned with jewels, and sometimes perceived as less technical than those of their male counterparts.

Seiko arabic dial homme

This trend has gradually evolved over time with the emergence of more “inclusive” watch brands, among others. Seiko, offering a more diverse range of women's watches. However, even today, the women's watch market is often underestimated, and the options offered can still be limited compared to those aimed at men.

Seiko has always known how to democratize its watches and has succeeded in penetrating markets often neglected by other brands. A striking example is currently observed in two distinct markets: women's and the Middle East. The Japanese brand stands out as one of the few to have specifically targeted the Gulf market.

Although now, watch brands are starting to realize the importance of these markets.

Look for yourself at the notable increase in offerings dedicated to the women's market, it's undeniable and it testifies to a significant evolution in the watch industry.

seiko transparent back

There is a growing demand for women's watches which go beyond simple fashion accessories, offering watchmaking complications, quality finishing and a design to match the lady's jewelry.

The evolution of the watch industry demonstrates a gradual shift towards a more inclusive approach, showcasing women and their appetite for watches that are both elegant and fully functional. Although there is still a way to go to ensure a broad range for women in the watchmaking field.

When considering purchasing a Seiko Arabic watch for women, several criteria deserve to be taken into consideration to make an informed choice. Beyond the aesthetics and quality that have been mentioned, other aspects can guide this selection. We will list the most essential criteria and conclude by identifying the watch that best meets all of these aspects. Let's go !

A properly sized watch for women should take into account several factors, including wrist circumference. Thinner, delicate wrists are often better highlighted with smaller case diameters, generally between 26mm and 36mm. This offers a more discreet and feminine aesthetic.

seiko arabic dial 34mm

It is important that the size of the watch is proportional to the person's wrist who wears it. A watch that is too big or too small can look disproportionate and unflattering. It is therefore a subtle balance between the size of the case and the wrist to obtain a harmonious and comfortable look.

Ultimately, watch size is a matter of personal preference and comfort.

The dial must be aesthetically beautiful, detailed and with well-defined Arabic numerals for easy reading of the time. The design must be sophisticated while remaining sober and refined, sometimes embellished with artistic details or finishes. The color of the dial also, in harmony with that of the numerals or hands, plays an important role for visual appeal and readability.

So at this level everything will depend on your lifestyle habits, the usefulness of your Seiko as a woman will depend closely on your specific needs and lifestyle. Also the context in which you want to use your watch, everyday watch, second-hand watch, for sports, in the office…
For example, for an everyday watch, basic functions like the date display are very practical. For fans of sports or outdoor activities, a watch with features like water resistance and sport-specific functions may be of interest. Likewise, in a professional context, complications such as multiple time zones, chronograph functions could be appreciated.

seiko steel bracelet

This criterion must be assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on your situation. It is therefore important to take into consideration your lifestyle, your daily activities and the situations in which you intend to wear the Seiko Arabic Dial watch. This article will have given you tips to guide your choice of watch.

We will now share our advice with you, based on all the points seen previously.

Indeed, this watch from the Seiko 5 range is a remarkable choice for women looking for an original and quality automatic watch. Incorporating a 34mm Arabic dial, it offers a versatile size suitable for female wrists. Its classic and refined design, featuring a stainless steel case and a matching steel bracelet, gives this watch a sober and timeless appearance. Its automatic movement, in addition to ensuring watchmaking precision, demonstrates its durability and long-term reliability.

You can find more information on this watch directly on the product page of the Seiko Arabic Dial 34mm SNK06J5.

You now have all the information you need to choose your new watch. If you have read this article this far, then you are probably interested in a Seiko Arabic Dial watch. As a token of appreciation for your interest, here is an exclusive promo code [MERCI10] for you, ladies. Don't share it with your male entourage, it's a secret between us!

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