Can you buy a new Rolex bracelet (Jubilee, Oyster, President)

Rolex bracelets are a fashion accessory coveted by many people around the world. Whether you want to replace a damaged bracelet or simply change your style, purchase a new Rolex bracelet is a great option. But watch out for scams!

We would like to review the problems and points you should pay attention to when purchasing a new Jubilee bracelet for Rolex (20mm, 22mm). So, in this article we will learn how to buy a new Rolex bracelet, why Rolex does not always sell Rolex bracelets in stores, how to determine the authenticity of a bracelet and where to buy a real Rolex bracelet.

Change Rolex bracelet: the official price

In terms of prices, we will focus on purchases made exclusively in official Rolex stores, excluding authorized resellers or online sales platforms.

Please note that these bracelets are generally not sold separately! Customers must own the corresponding watch to purchase a replacement bracelet.

Also note that Rolex generally offers installation of the new bracelet, yet another service that underlines the brand's commitment to excellence in customer service and the quality of the purchasing experience.

Additionally, this policy ensures that each strap is perfectly fitted and fitted to the watch, ensuring product integrity and performance. The vvalue on the resale of your watch should therefore not be impacted.

In official Rolex boutiques, Oyster and Jubilee models are offered at a relatively similar price (Rolex France boutique sources):

  • Oyster Bracelet sold by Rolex (official): 1850€
  • Jubilee bracelet sold by Rolex (official): 2100€
  • Gold bracelets, such as the President Bracelet, sold by Rolex (official): 16 000€ & 18 000€, prices depend on gold (yellow, pink, white, gray)

Shopping from official Rolex stores provides customers with the confidence of acquiring authentic products straight from the source.

How to buy a new Rolex bracelet?

When it comes to purchasing a new Rolex bracelet, you don't have many options. A new Rolex bracelet can be purchased from an authorized Rolex retailer or a reputable luxury watch dealer.

Before purchasing, be sure to check that the seller is authorized to sell Rolex products. Especially since there are not many sellers authorized to sell the Rolex brand, there are around fifty in France. So be careful!

On the other hand, other stores like Waaqt Arabic Dial offers for sale Oyster bracelets, Jubilee or President. Without pretending that these are official Rolex bracelets. This distinction is important for customers looking for alternatives or additions to their watch collection, as these straps are compatible on all types/brands of watches.

These bracelets, while drawing inspiration from iconic Rolex designs, offer an accessory of choice for those who desire a different style, without committing to the purchase of a Rolex bracelet.

You can also buy a new Rolex bracelet directly from Rolex, but this can be difficult because the brand doesn't always sell bracelets individually in all stores. So be sure to call before heading to the store to make sure your bracelet is in stock and available for purchase.

If you buy a new Rolex bracelet online, make sure the website is reliable and secure. Check reviews from previous customers to make sure the website is trustworthy and the products being sold are genuine. It is also recommended to review the return and warranty policies before purchasing.

Do not hesitate to try calling customer service to ensure the authenticity of the product and the quality of this company's response.

Why is Rolex not sold in specialist stores?

For several reasons, Rolex does not always sell bracelets individually in stores, unless you bring the corresponding watch. Above all, Rolex wants to ensure that each bracelet fits perfectly with the watch it is paired with. By selling watch straps individually, customers risk purchasing a strap that does not fit their watch, thereby compromising the brand's image (and the durability of the watch).

Second, Rolex wants to ensure that every bracelet sold comes with the appropriate certificate of authenticity and warranty.

Additionally, Rolex wants to ensure that every bracelet is sold at a price decided by the Swiss brand. Finally, it is clear that to maintain its notoriety and rarity, Rolex must limit the stock it sells, despite strong demand, to protect access to this commodity and ensure the sustainability of its value.

How to determine the authenticity of a Rolex watch strap?

The authenticity of a Rolex bracelet can be verified in several ways. First, check if the bracelet comes with a Rolex certificate of authenticity and warranty. The certificate must contain the serial number of the bracelet and the year of manufacture.

Next, look at the details of the bracelet, such as the materials used, color and finish. THE Rolex bracelets are made from high quality materials such as stainless steel, gold and platinum and feature impeccable finishes.

Third, check the Rolex logo on the strap buckle. All authentic Rolex bracelets have the Rolex logo engraved on the clasp. Make sure the punch is clean and well defined.

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of your Rolex bracelet, you can ask a watch expert or an authorized Rolex retailer to check it. They will be able to confirm the authenticity of the bracelet and provide you with more information about its history and value. Rolex authenticity verification is free at authorized stores, so check it yourself before purchasing, especially at this price.

All other bracelets without logos are not designed to be presented as official products of the brand. These alternative straps may offer similar style or inspired features to those of Rolex, but they do not claim to be authentic brand products. This distinction is crucial for consumers looking for accessories for their Rolex watch, because it guarantees transparency and honesty in the luxury watch accessories market.

Where to buy a real Rolex bracelet:

Authentic Rolex bracelets can be purchased from authorized Rolex retailers, reputable luxury watch dealers or directly from Rolex. We advise you to contact the Rolex boutique closest to you.

If you are buying a Rolex watch strap online, make sure the website is reliable and secure, as noted above.

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