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Test & review of the Seiko Arabic Dial 34mm SNK063J5

The Seiko 5 collection from Seiko is a true gem in the world of watchmaking, particularly appreciated by enthusiasts and collectors for its perfect blend of sporty style, durability, reliable automatic movements, and a unrivaled value for money. Among this diversity, the Seiko 5 Arabic Dial stands out for its uniqueness and special appeal, thanks to its dial adorned with Arabic numerals, a rarity that captures interest in its aesthetic and history. The references SNK063J5 in 34mm and SNKP21J1 in 42mm embody this singularity with elegance.

Seiko Arabic Dial SNK063J5 34mm

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Seiko Arabic Dial SNK063J5 34mm or “The Classic” is THE all-purpose automatic watch while being original with its Arabic dial. This is one of the best value for money watches on the watch market today. Its balanced design adapts harmoniously to every style, from casual to more formal outfits. Arabic numerals add a historical dimension…

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Finally a beautiful Arab Unisex watch?

Finding an elegant watch that fits both men's and women's wrists is often a challenge in the world of watchmaking.

It is common for watches designed to be unisex lean towards one extreme or the other : either they appear too imposing and massive to be worn comfortably by women, or they have characteristics and dimensions that do not meet the expectations of certain men, looking for a watch with a more assertive character.

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This dichotomy often leaves a void for those seeking a truly universal watch, capable of fitting with elegance and proportion on wrists of all sizes and genders, without compromising on style or presence.

What makes the Seiko 5 “Arabic Dial” particularly interesting is ultimately its versatility. Whether for a man or a woman, this watch breaks gender barriers, providing a refined style option for everyone. The 34mm model, with its more delicate profile, is perfect with thinner wrists or to those who prefer a less imposing watch. This dimension makes it suitable for everyday professional life as well as for more formal events, offering a touch of discreet elegance. His big sister, the 42mm version, is aimed at those looking for a more assertive presence on the wrist, without sacrificing the finesse and elegance characteristic of the collection.

seiko 42mm

The unique design of an Arabic numeral watch

There SNK063J5 is designed with a 34mm stainless steel case in diameter, displaying a thickness of 12mm and a bracelet of 21mm. What is immediately striking is its integrated bracelet which gives it a distinctive look. The finish of the case is remarkable, combining satin-brushed surfaces and brightly polished sides, as well as bevels that add an extra dimension to its elegance. Despite its small size, it is perfectly suited to less bulky wrists, offering a stylish option both to men and women. Its big sister, the 42mm version, is aimed at larger wrists. Protected by Hardlex glass, the watch is water resistant to 30m, although it is not designed for diving or swimming.

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The cArabic adran by Seiko

The black dial with its semi-polished finish is the centerpiece, decorated with Arabic-Indian numerals painted, evoking a deep connection with the Gulf market where Seiko has historically found a loyal audience. The collection is basically reserved for this market. This attention to detail continues with a peripheral ring punctuated with luminous markings, guaranteeing optimal readability. The needles, treated with Lumibrite, provide visibility at night, while the day-date window adds a touch of practical functionality.

The Seiko 7S26 movement equips this Seiko 5

At the heart of this watch beats the Seiko automatic caliber 7S26, a movement proven for its robustness and reliability, with a power reserve of 40 hours. Although the movement is not decorated, the transparent case back provides a window into the mechanical complexity that drives this piece, a detail appreciated by watch enthusiasts.

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A unique Seiko bracelet

The stainless steel bracelet, with its push-button folding clasp, is designed for comfort and aesthetics. It tapers towards the clasp and features central links enhanced with polished finishes, contrasting with the rest of the bracelet for a visually captivating effect.

seiko arabic 34mm

The Seiko 5 “Arabic Dial” bracelet represents a notable evolution compared to that found in the SNXS range, well known to fans of the brand. While theThe SNXS series bracelets have sometimes been criticized for their appearance perceived as cheap, that of the “Arabic Dial” rises well above these considerations.

This bracelet has been carefully revisited to offer a superior finish, increased robustness and solidity that meets the expectations of the most demanding wearers. In addition to these improvements, the bracelet sports a vertical “grain of rice” design, a fairly rare and sought-after aesthetic choice which gives it a unique identity. This attention to detail and quality of the bracelet ensures that the Seiko 5 “Arabic Dial” stands out not only for its exceptional dial but also for the comfort and durability of its bracelet, marking a clear improvement over previous generations.

seiko movement 7s26

In conclusion
The Seiko 5 “Arabic Dial” is much more than a watch; it is an expression of Seiko's commitment to quality, sustainability and innovation. Its casual yet sporty look makes it suitable for a wide range of occasions, while its quality-price ratio is difficult to match. Although its production is not limited, its uniqueness and growing demand make the acquisition of this model increasingly coveted, thus solidifying its status as a collector's item. With the Seiko 5 “Arabic Dial”, Seiko continues to offer a watch that combines tradition and modernity, making it an essential piece for connoisseurs.

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