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Does the Seiko Arabic Dial collection exist?

Introduction to the Seiko Arabic Dial

In the world ofwatchmaking, the collection Seiko Arabic Dial represents a fascinating line of watches, combining traditional Japanese design with a specific cultural touch: the use of Arabic numerals. These timepieces quickly captured the attention of collectors and watch enthusiasts looking for originality and quality.

This phenomenon can be explained by the reputation of the Seiko brand, known for its reliability, technical expertise and heritage in manufacturing high-precision watches. The question of the authenticity of these watches with Arabic numerals often arises, especially with the appearance of Seiko Mods on the market.

At Waaqt Arabic Dial we guarantee that the watches sold on the platform are official and authentic Seiko creations, initially intended for the Middle Eastern market and accompanied by a serial number.

Does the Seiko Arabic Dial range really exist?

seiko Arabic numerals

Yes, the Seiko Arabic Dial range does exist and is produced by Seiko and its factories in Japan and South Korea. Designed specifically for the Middle Eastern market, these watches are distinguished by their dials adorned with Arabic numerals, which provides readability and aesthetics prized by watch enthusiasts around the world.

Our Seiko Arabic Dial watches are part of the Seiko 5 collection, certainly the most famous range of the Japanese brand. All Seiko Arabic (or others) are manufactured in accordance with the brand's high standards. They are the result of indisputable know-how and meet a specific need of customers looking for watches with Arabic numerals. Each watch has a serial number, guarantee of its authenticity and traceability.

A little history: the beginning of Seiko Arabic Dial in Arab countries

The beginning of Seiko Arabic Dial dates back to Seiko's desire to offer watches adapted to local markets. For Arab countries, this meant the introduction of watches with Arabic numerals, a distinct feature that immediately won over local consumers.

The success of these watches in Arab countries has also sparked global interest, leading to growing demand outside this region, particularly in France. Collectors particularly appreciate the fusion between Japanese technology and the aesthetics of Arabic numerals, which makes the Seiko Arabic Dial sought-after and respected pieces in the world ofwatchmaking.

The unique features of the Seiko Arabic Dial

Our Seiko Arabic Dial are distinguished by several unique characteristics that make them famous. In addition to the use of Arabic numerals on the dial, they are renowned for their robustness, their reliability and their precision coming from the Seiko 5 series. These watches represent the perfect alliance between functionality and aesthetics, thus meeting the expectations of demanding watch enthusiasts.

Seiko 5 Arabic Dial SNKP22J1 42mm

Each model in the range is equipped with precise mechanical movements and is designed to offer optimal resistance to water and shock. The presence of the number 5 under the Seiko inscription indicates that they belong to the collection Seiko 5, known for its five essential functions which we will detail below:

The Seiko 5 Arabic Dial collection: an overview

The collection Seiko 5 Arabic Dial is part of the Seiko 5 Sports watch line, renowned for their robustness and financial accessibility. These mechanical watches feature a “5” under the Seiko inscription, indicating that they benefit from the five key functions: time and date display, water resistance, shock resistance and automatic movement.

seiko arabic dial portée

The movements used in these watches, such as the caliber 7S26 or 4R36, are synonymous with durability and performance. The date window offers several languages for the day, including Arabic, thus emphasizing their orientation towards users from Arab countries. The watches Seiko 5 Arabic Dial perfectly combine functionality and aesthetics, making them attractive collector's items.

The emblematic models of Seiko Arabic Dial

1- The Seiko Arabic Dial SNK063

The SNK063 model in the range Seiko Arabic Dial is a perfect example of Seiko's watchmaking expertise. This model stands out for its elegant dial adorned with Arabic numerals, offering a classic and timeless aesthetic. Watch enthusiasts particularly appreciate its simplicity and elegance, as well as its reliable and precise mechanics.

Seiko Arabic Dial SNK063J5 34mm

(3 customer reviews)

Seiko Arabic Dial SNK063J5 34mm or “The Classic” is THE all-purpose automatic watch while being original with its Arabic dial. This is one of the best value for money watches on the watch market today. Its balanced design adapts harmoniously to every style, from casual to more formal outfits. Arabic numerals add a historical dimension…

In stock

The SNK063 is not only an attractive piece but also a functional one, with its automatic movement and water resistance. It is an ideal watch for those looking to combine tradition and modernity in their time accessory.

2- The Seiko Arabic Dial SRPH49

The SRPH49 is another flagship model in the range Seiko Arabic Dial. With its bold design and eye-catching Arabic numerals, it represents a modern watch that catches the eye. The sturdy case and quality bracelet ensure durability and comfort, while the automatic movement guarantees exceptional performance.

Seiko Arabic Dial Green SRPH49 40mm

(1 customer review)

Seiko Arabic Dial Green SRPH49K1 40mm or “The New” green variant which stands out from the sober & plain tones of other existing Seikos with Arabic numerals. You can find this superb Seiko Arabic Dial Green model in stock, ready to be shipped from France and still new in plastic: exclusively at…

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This model is particularly prized for its unique style that echoes the aesthetic preferences of consumers in Arab countries, while remaining true to Seiko's commitment to quality and precision.

3- The Seiko Arabic Dial SNKP21

The SNKP21 is a watch that embodies the refinement and sophistication of the range Seiko Arabic Dial. Its delicately crafted dial, with elegant Arabic numerals, makes it a watch of choice for those seeking distinction and performance. The quality of its mechanism and its impeccable finish demonstrate Seiko's attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Seiko Arabic Dial SNKP21J1 42mm

(2 customer reviews)

Seiko Arabic Dial SNKP21J1 42mm or “La Versatile” is THE perfect automatic watch with an Arabic dial for all men. The Seiko 5 Arabic Dial SNKP21J1 watch is a true work of watchmaking art that embodies both Seiko's heritage of Japanese craftsmanship and the unique aesthetic of Arabic numerals. With its 42…

In stock

With its distinguished appearance and advanced features, the SNKP21 is a symbol of excellence inwatchmaking Japanese watch, designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding watch enthusiasts.

The authenticity and purchase of Seiko Arabic Dial

Beware of counterfeits!

Faced with the growing popularity of Seiko Arabic Dial, it is essential to remain vigilant against counterfeits. These imitations may seem convincing at first glance, but they lack the quality, performance and authenticity of real Seiko watches. It is essential to ensure the authenticity of a watch before making a purchase.

A genuine Seiko Arabic Dial comes with a serial number and never includes the term “Mod”. These details are key indicators that help buyers distinguish originals from copies and invest in a watch that will bring them satisfaction and pride for years to come. Waaqt Arabic Dial made a video about Seiko with authentic Arabic numerals:

Where to buy a real Seiko Arabic Dial? And why Waaqt Arabic Dial?

Acquire an authentic Seiko Arabic Dial requires contacting reliable and recognized resellers. Waaqt Arabic Dial is a specialized online store that offers a selection of Seiko watches with Arabic numerals, guaranteeing their authenticity and direct provenance from Seiko. This is the assurance of purchasing a new, official watch and not a replica or a modified creation.

By choosing Waaqt Arabic Dial, customers benefit from quality French customer service, assurance of the authenticity of their acquisition and a secure online purchasing experience. Buying from a specialized retailer like Waaqt Arabic Dial means choosing expertise and trust. On top of that, delivery takes place within 72 hours, what more could you ask for?


The benefits of buying an authentic Seiko Arabic Dial

Opt for one Seiko Arabic Dial authentic means choosing a watch that offers a multitude of advantages. The quality of manufacturing, the precision of the movement and the durability of the product are essential aspects that justify this purchase. A genuine Seiko offers a reliable and satisfying daily wearing experience, backed by warranty and after-sales service.

Moreover, To own an authentic Seiko Arabic Dial watch is to own a piece of watchmaking history. It is a statement of style and an investment in an accessory which, in addition to its primary function, can be passed down from generation to generation, testifying to its timelessness and its Arab cultural heritage.

This makes it possible to resell the watch quite easily on second-hand platforms,Arabic watches are rather well rated, you can easily recover 75% of the price of the initial watch. Seiko watches with unique features like the Arabic dial, tend to preserve their value well over time. This is due to their continued popularity among collectors.

seiko Arabic dial 42mm

Seiko Arabic Dial refers to watches produced by the Seiko company that feature Arabic numerals on the dial. These models are particularly popular in regions where Arabic numerals are commonly used, such as in the Middle East.

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