Seiko arabic Dial Green

Where to find the Seiko Arabic Dial Green?

Do you know the Seiko Green?

There Seiko Arabic Dial Green SRPH49K1 is a true work of watchmaking art, originally designed for the Kuwaiti market. Its exclusive design with its Arabic numerals offers a touch of exoticism and elegance rarely equaled. Its green color, combined with the finesse of Seiko's work, makes it an object of desire for watch enthusiasts and collectors.

Seiko arabic Dial Green

The success of this watch lies in the combination of original aesthetics and high quality with its 4R-36 automatic movement, symbolizing the recognized expertise of the Seiko brand in the field of prestigious timepiece. The SRPH49K1 is not only a time measuring instrument, but also a fashion accessory that confers distinction and prestige to the wearer.

Key Features of the Seiko Green Watch

There Seiko Arabic Dial Green SRPH49K1 is distinguished by a set of characteristics that make it unique. Equipped with a reliable and precise automatic movement, it also offers a date display in Arabic and English, a feature appreciated on a daily basis. The protective glass is made of Hardlex, a scratch-resistant material, guaranteeing the durability and perfect readability of the dial.

The stainless steel case and matching bracelet give this watch foolproof robustness, while maintaining optimal comfort on the wrist. In terms of waterproofness, it does not fear occasional immersions, making it ideal for urban adventurers and light diving enthusiasts alike. The watch is waterproof up to 5 ATM.

Seiko arabic Dial Green

Great rarity of the SRPH49K1 model 

Produced in limited series, the Seiko Arabic Dial SRPH49K1 has become a highly coveted collector's item. This watch, initially designed for the Kuwait, has captured the hearts of watch lovers around the world. Its availability quickly dwindled, making it a rare piece that is snapped up today.

Its price increased from 500€ then climbed until reaching 2500€ in just a few years, testifying to its growing appeal and its popularity on the luxury watch market. This phenomenon perfectly illustrates the law of supply and demand in the field of prestige watches.

Seiko arabic Dial Green

Available exclusively at Waaqt Arabic Dial, out of stock everywhere

There Seiko Arabic Dial Green SRPH49K1 is an exclusive to the Waaqt Arabic Dial boutique, a French brand specializing in watches with Arabic numerals. It's here only store that still offers this new model, because it is out of stock everywhere else. For lovers of rarity and exclusivity, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Acquiring this watch from Waaqt Arabic Dial means ensuring you benefit from an authentic, high-quality product, accompanied by impeccable customer service. The rarity of this model makes it a potentially wise investment, in addition to the daily pleasure of having an exceptional piece on your wrist. All good, as they say.

seiko arabic dial green

Other Seikos with similar Arabic numerals

If the Seiko Arabic Dial Green is a model that interests you, Waaqt Arabic Dial also offers other Seiko models with Arabic numerals. These watches share the same attention to detail and quality that characterizes the Seiko brand. They are an alternative for those who wish to discover the world of Arabic dials while remaining in a more accessible price range than the SRPH49 model. You can see the others Seiko Arabic Dial by clicking here.

Each model offers a unique experience, but all have the Seiko signature: reliability, durability and precision. Watch lovers will find in these models a way to celebrate watchmaking culture with a touch of originality.

seiko arabic dial

Advantages of choosing the Seiko Arabic Dial Green

Why choose this Arabic numeral watch?

There Seiko Arabic Dial SRPH49K1 is much more than just a watch; it is a symbol of refinement and exclusivity. Opting for this model means choosing to stand out with an accessory that combines aesthetics and performance. It also means choosing an investment that increases in value over time.

Furthermore, owning such a watch is a way of displaying one's appreciation for fine watchmaking and for limited editions that tell a story. The SRPH49K1 is a watch that has stood the test of time with elegance and whose rarity only increases its charm.

seiko arabic dial green

Waaqt Arabic Dial customer reviews

The feedback from owners of the Seiko Arabic Dial Verte SRPH49K1 is unanimous: they underline the exceptional quality of the watch and the admiration it arouses. Customers express their satisfaction with the precision of the mechanism and the beauty of the design, making their watch a favorite topic of conversation.

The shopping experience at Waaqt Arabic Dial is also praised for its professionalism and commitment to providing exceptional products. Positive reviews confirm that choosing the Seiko Arabic Dial SRPH49K1 is a decision that brings complete satisfaction. You can also read our customer feedback on TrustPilot.

Photo gallery of the Seiko Arabic Dial Green

The images above reveal the brilliance and authenticity of the Seiko Arabic Dial Green SRPH49K1, but to fully appreciate its finesse and quality, you have to see it up close. This jewel of technology is a treasure that deserves to be worn and admired on any occasion.

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