President Bracelet (18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm)


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In addition to your bracelet, you will receive 3 handles, 1 pin punch and 1 adjustment tool to adjust the size of your bracelet.


The President bracelet designed by Rolex first appeared in 1956 on the Daydate as well as certain Datejust 41s. It was produced only in precious metals, notably gold. We offer a more affordable model in high quality brushed stainless steel. It is equipped with a Crownclasp which is not visible once the watch is closed. THE bracelet is three rows featuring an iconic design with its stainless steel links.

Check out this President bracelet by Rolex, an essential classic of watchmaking, renowned for its robustness and elegance. Designed with meticulous attention, this bracelet is made from high quality materials, guaranteeing exceptional durability. Available in several sizes, it adapts perfectly to various watch models, with a width which varies from 18mm to 22mm.

Features :

  • Material : High quality stainless steel, polished silver finish
  • Adjustable: Links can be removed to fit all sizes
  • Link Style: Semi-circular links, distinctive President bracelet design
  • Closing : Folding clasp for a secure fit

The President bracelet on Seiko offers unparalleled versatility. This bracelet from Rolex takes its name from the fact that it was regularly associated with the wrists of presidents of the United States. Suitable for most watch parts with a standard lug, sizes are often between 18mm and 22mm. Whether you own a Seiko 5 Sports, GMT, SRPD or any other watch. This iconic bracelet is perfect for enhancing your timepiece.

If you like this bracelet, discover our Jubilee Bracelet. We offer you the following table listing all the Seiko Watch Bracelet. We will find all the Arabic Dial Seiko available on the site with their inter-horn correspondences:

Seiko Arabic Dial Watch Model Between-horn Size
Seiko Arabic Dial SNK063J5 34mm 10mm (strap not offered by Waaqt)
Seiko Arabic SNXS79 37mm 19mm
Seiko Arabic Dial Green SRPH49 40mm 20mm
Seiko Arabic Dial Blue SRPH50 40mm 20mm
Seiko Arabic Dial SNKP21J1 42mm 22mm
Seiko Arabic Dial White SNKP22J1 42mm 22mm

Frequently asked questions about the President bracelet:

What types of watches are suitable for the President bracelet?

The President watch strap is universally adaptable to most watches that have lug-to-lug dimensions ranging from 18mm to 22mm. These standard sizes fit the vast majority of watches on the market. To ensure a perfect match with your watch, you can check your model specifications online, measure between the horns with a ruler for maximum accuracy, or contact us for rapid email support at before making your selection.

Is the President bracelet waterproof?

Indeed, the President watch bracelet is made of stainless steel of superior quality, offering excellent water resistance. This bracelet is perfect for everyday use, including in situations where it may be exposed to water. However, to maintain its luster and functionality, it is recommended toe clean after any exposure prolonged exposure to salt or chlorinated water.

How to maintain and clean the President bracelet?

To keep the President watch strap in excellent condition, it is recommended to clean it regularly with a soft, dry cloth to remove accumulated dust and dirt. For thorough cleaning, lightly damp a cloth with mild soap and water, then dry the bracelet immediately with care. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and corrosive liquids such as perfumes or salt water.

How do I install the President bracelet on my watch?

The installation of your President watch strap can be carried out by you or by a professional. Here's how to do it:

  • Consultation with a watchmaker : It is often best to hire a professional watchmaker for quick and efficient installation, usually at a low cost.
  • Remove the old bracelet : If you opt to do it yourself, use a specific tool for watch straps (pin punch) to remove the old strap.
  • Position the new bracelet : Align the ends of the President strap with the anchor points on the watch.
  • Fixing the pins : Use the removal tool to insert and secure the pins, ensuring the bracelet is firmly attached.
  • Video instructions : For visual guidelines, check out our tutorial series on our YouTube channel, which will walk you through the steps of installation if you choose to do it yourself.

Additional information

Strap width

18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm

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Rolex president braceletPresident Bracelet (18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm)